Reviews of the good, the bad, and the sweaty workouts in San Diego

Welcome friends!

Welcome friends! We hope you love San Diego just as much as we do!

We’re very excited to welcome you to our new blog, “Stay Sweaty, San Diego”. You can learn more about us on our “The Dream Team” page. Basically, we’re devoted to finding the best ways to get and stay fit in San Diego, while also having fun.

Did you know that Yelp has pages upon pages of 5 star reviews for fitness programs/studios? How would one even begin to decide what is the right workout for them? People either get addicted to a program and love it (whether they are getting results, or FEEL they are getting results while spending tons of $) or they slink away in shame and don’t really sound off on why it DIDN’T work for them.

We will review for you the good, the bad, and the sweaty workouts that we try throughout the city. Our goal is to make you more prepared for that class or activity before you invest the money or the time. There are a lot, and we mean a lot, of options for how to spend your free time in this beautiful place–we’re here to help you maximize it.

We will be continually updating the site while we try out all different programs across the city. Please play around with the navigation bar across the top–not every category has a wealth of content yet–but feel free to visit our “Contact” page to make suggestions.

Stay sweaty San Diego,

Juliana and Carolyn

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