Reviews of the good, the bad, and the sweaty workouts in San Diego

Xtend Xpress@ Xtend Barre, Scripps Poway

Date: Wednesday, 12:00 pm

Teacher: Karlee VanDyke

Cost: First class FREE, $20 drop in, packages/memberships available

Length: 45 minutes

Sweat level: 4/5

Fun level: 5/5

What I wore: 3/4 spandex, high impact sports bra, tank top, grip socks

# of people in the class: about 12


  • Bring water
  • Cubbies available for storage
  • Bathroom/changing room on site
  • Parking is challenging! Arrive early


At this point, it’s been hard to find new places that I haven’t yet tried. Additionally, it’s often hard to find a workout that breaks the mold. I’m always prepared when I start at a new barre studio to be asked “Have you done barre before?” and then the immediate follow up of “Where?” Obviously, every place thinks they do it best, or uniquely, but I’ve been to almost all the ones you can hit in San Diego—Pure Barre, Barre Body, Studio Barre, The Bar Method, belle + barre, Barre59, The Dailey Method…not to mention all of the places that have other types of classes and barre is on the roster as well.


I was really excited to try a few new things in this class! The instructor first had us do all of the arm work with a taught band around our arms—this was INCREDIBLY difficult. While I usually feel my arms get weary—hold a water bottle straight out from your body long enough and you will fatigue yourself—I truly felt the muscles that this was meant to engage working hard.


When we started to move more towards leg and seat work, I felt this class didn’t focus as much on the small movements as some studios, but more on keeping the heart rate pumping while toning muscles. It was also a bit more ballet focused as the instructor consistently used ballet terminology for positions. This would have been alienating, had the instructor just walked around calling out these words, but she always took a beat to demonstrate. I also think it’s great when a teacher gives positive affirmations to the whole class, but makes sure individual corrections are private. This fosters an environment where a barre novice could feel comfortable!


Since the class is only 45 minutes, it is fairly fast paced and did run a little long. If this is during your lunch hour, I wouldn’t necessarily anticipate a timely wrap up, but the teacher did call out that it was perfectly fine to leave if needed.  It was also very full for a noon class and I think it would have helped us to start on time if some of the conversation was more actively wrangled to a halt at 12. It definitely seems that the studio is part of many of the local women’s routine as they all seemed to know each other quite well. I really appreciate checking out a place with loyal clientele because it means they are doing something right! Plus, almost all suburbs have a cult-like Mom following of barre.

I was also excited that they have other types of classes that include TRX and core balls, as well as online offerings. Definitely looking forward to more classes here!

Try this if: you like cardio with your barre, you want killer arms, you need a quick lunch workout

Don’t try this if: you struggle with parking/time management, you want a longer barre session, you need amenities like a shower


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