Reviews of the good, the bad, and the sweaty workouts in San Diego

Firestorm@ F45, La Jolla

Date: Monday, 6:00 am

Teacher: Multiple Teachers

Cost: FREE trial week, $30/drop in, monthly unlimited packages available

Length: 45 minutes

Sweat level: 5/5

Fun level: 4/5

What I wore: 3/4 spandex, high impact sports bra, tank top, sneakers

# of people in the class: up to 25ish


  • Water refill machine available
  • Cubbies available for storage
  • Arrive early to stretch/warm up if desired
  • Check in on iPad screen up front


At some point last year, a yoga studio in this location went out of business. I actually had signed up for a class there and arrived to see a “Closed Indefinitely” notice on the window. Despite being disappointed by that, Function 45 is a great addition to a fitness neighborhood. The challenge is that this area has a LOT of competitors—Sparkcycle, Liv + Love Pilates, Buddhi Yoga, Pilates Plus La Jolla,, Orangetheory, and La Jolla Sports Club (check site for reviews)—all within walking distance.


This was one of the most high energy classes I’ve taken at 6am! Firestorm consists of 27 stations, each of which you do for 30 seconds/10 seconds rest, two times through. In the beginning of the class, we spent a few minutes warming up and the teachers walked us through each of the exercises with about a 5 second demonstration. If you ever lose track of what you are supposed to be doing, there are about 4 screens around the room that have videos in constant loop demoing the exercise for the station. (This was a very similar format to FitWall). This class is hard—but entirely what you make it. I won’t list out all 27 exercises here, but they vary from a session on spin bikes, to using indoor rowing machines (ergs), to TRX, to body weight exercises like burpees. I say it is what you make it because the time boxes are so short, it’s easy to sort of take a pass on rounds you aren’t interested in. However, the other great thing about the short time is that you’re never doing your least favorite exercise for too long or too many times. The class actually passes quite quickly because of this. They have a ton of different named courses, but they seem fairly similar in that most of them are HIIT with varying ratios of weight/cardio/resistance.


I won’t lie; it can get very chaotic with over 20 people working out within close proximity to one another, not to mention two teachers circling around giving corrections as well. However, I think this really contributes to the high energy needed to start your day! I was dead sore after this—make sure to stretch because it isn’t built into the class time!


Try this if: you like high intensity interval training, you have workout ADD, you have less than an hour for a workout

Don’t try this if: you like to take frequent breaks in training, you are looking for heavier weight work/more stretching, you enjoy smaller classes


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