Reviews of the good, the bad, and the sweaty workouts in San Diego

Flow Lyft@ Buddhi Yoga, La Jolla

Date: Tuesday, 6:30 am

Teacher: Natasha

Cost: $$ (Single class $20, packages and discounts available)

Length: 45 minutes

Sweat level: 3/5

Fun level: 5/5

What I wore: 3/4 spandex, high impact sports bra, tank top

# of people in the class: 8


  • Studio is up the stairs, above Lululemon
  • Mats and towels available for $2 rental
  • Leave your credit card in the car because they have a super cute boutique
  • Bring water
  • Select a variety of weights in case you need to back off


Despite having visited the neighboring Liv + Love Pilates, I hadn’t yet been to Buddhi Yoga. Upon walking in, this is definitely a studio that you might visit just to shop for some yoga gear and cool accessories.


Try not buying all of the things.

I’ve been to a few sculpt classes, but this felt a bit different. Maybe it was the ankle weights? They have a variety to choose from. The actual mood of the class was a little more mat pilates than yoga, but a lot of fun. The teacher I assume is around my age since her playlist was stocked with all of my favorite rap/dance songs from high school. She encouraged us to take a break when needed, but the pace is full speed!


Wow—my butt was incredibly sore after this class. Although we also use hand weights and it really worked my oblique muscles, we really focused on glutes. The exercises included lots of fire-hydrants, donkey kicks, etc. to absolute hip flexer soreness! I highly recommend an extra stretch after class or just another yoga class at this studio because it was so fun! The time flew by and I can’t wait to go back!


Try this if: you want to add weights into your yoga practice, you have time for a quick class, you want to get your sweat on in yoga!

Don’t try this if: you need a mirror to watch you practice, you are looking for a standard yoga class, you prefer a longer session


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