Reviews of the good, the bad, and the sweaty workouts in San Diego

New Year, New Gear

I’m sure everyone is seeing the effects of those “get fit” resolutions cramming up their gym classes this week. One funny thing is both this year AND last year it’s been pretty rainy the first week of the year in San Diego which I think becomes a huge deterrent to people going to the gym. I mean, darkness becomes a huge deterrent here.

I won’t lie, it’s been a “slow” start to get back into the groove. I say that because prior to the holidays, I was preparing for the impending feast with 2 a-days most days of the week (if not sneaking in lunch time as well). So, my “slow” has been kickboxing, spin, and Barry’s Bootcamp on Wednesday-Friday.

I won’t bother doing too much of a recap of how all of my other resolutions from last year worked out, but I did run all three half marathons in the triple crown (as you saw!) and took more meditative and strength classes. Obviously, I am still harboring some resentment and anxiety about having to quit Classpass in three months—when it drops to 10 classes per month, it won’t be sustainable as my only gym membership. I’m definitely looking for recommendations if people like 24-Hour Fitness v. Crunch v. other options, etc. So far, my only definitive fitness plans for 2017 are to run the San Diego Bay to Beach Half Marathon on May 20th (mainly since it is right around my neighborhood and they are promising beer at the end). Have you set any goals yet? I find it’s better to pick one larger goal and then work back to incorporate training. Just saying “to get fit” really doesn’t do it for me. Does that mean faster? Stronger? Feeling better about yourself? Even if that is the case, you need to find a metric or schedule. Whether than means working out 5x weekly, that is at least more concrete than saying “work out more often”. As we all know, that is a slippery slope into doing very little and still patting yourself on the back.

Moving a little further back than New Year’s, everyone who buys me gifts (family and my fiancé) knows that I can always use more fitness gear. So here are a few new items of mine that I’m vibing on:

Adidas Sport Duffle


I can’t even tell you what a hot mess my old (free) gym bag was. It took many trips on my commute in NYC before becoming my daily gym staple here in San Diego the last 2.5 years. I don’t think I’ve ever smelled it up close (thank god), but it was ripped, stained, and I constantly lost things out of it. Luckily, my Adidas sport duffle has pockets for EVERYTHING from my post-shower toiletries to a special section for sweaty clothes to a safe little pouch inside for jewelry.

Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags


Even though I haven’t been smelling my gym bag, apparently my fiancé had and it smells like butt. Probably the LEAST sexy present I’ve ever gotten, but I assume totally necessary. They come in a set of two and are reusable for up to two years!

Fox Women’s Weighlifting Gloves


As previously mentioned, my goal was to start doing one “weights” class a week. Even without my ring on, it kind of tears your hands up after a while. A friend swore by these gloves and I’m excited to test drive them at Body Pump at La Jolla Sports Club and Point Loma Sports Club.

Shimano SPD SM-SH51 bike shoe clips


For my birthday, I got bike shoes with SPD-SL clips and then I realized that they only really work at Sparkcycle (which already gives you shoes) so I’m changing my clips to be compatible with most of the other studios I visit including Rush Ride, RideOn, and CycleOM among others.

ASICS Women’s Running Shoe GT 2000-3


Ah, my old tried and trues. Everyone has a different favorite gym shoe—and you should because we all have different feet. I’ve had about 4 pairs of these now. A big thing for me recently, has been retiring some of mine early to use for cross-training/beach hiking purposes. Then I can rotate between pairs instead of using one pair non-stop for everything and wearing them out so quickly. To be fair, I should probably have a more cross-train specific shoe as these are meant for running and the only ones I use to do it!

Back Buddy Trigger Point Massage Therapy Tool

Body Back Company's Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool - Lower Back Massager - Neck Massager - Shoulder Massager - Myofascial Release Tool - Deep Muscle Massage (Black)

One resolution I will cop to this year is needing to stretch more and carving out time for that at the end of my workouts and at home. Aside from the actual set timelines of a class, I’m incorporating using this baby into my TV watching time. We’ve recently discovered it works even better if you have moisturizer on. I know it sounds weird, but there is a reason that massage therapists do that too. Still working on how to quantify/track this goal, but int he mean time, I am enjoying working the knots out of my back with this tool.

So throwing this out there for any comments—did you get anything fitness related for the holidays that you love? Any gym recommendations for 2017? Any great resolutions or races you are trying to hit in this next year? Can’t wait! 😉

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