Reviews of the good, the bad, and the sweaty workouts in San Diego

Event: Stretch 4 Vets, USS Midway, EMBRACE/CorePower

Date: Sunday, November 20th, 8 a.m.

Teacher: Multiple, all from Core Power

Cost: $40, early bird pricing, discounts for Vets, Students, and CorePower members

Length: About an hour

Sweat level: 4/10

Fun level: 10/10

What I Wore: Flip flops, 3/4 spandex, jacket, tank top, low impact sports bra, sunglasses

# of people: Too many to count, but plenty of space for everyone


  • Parking is a bit of a walk, plan an extra 10 minutes
  • Get there early! You need to claim a spot and they are doing cool giveaways
  • Bathrooms aren’t immediately open, so go before you leave the house
  • Deck of the ship is a bit dirty, use your back up/outdoor mat if you have one


Although I’d like to get around to posting more about events BEFORE they happen, most of the point of this website is to review what I’ve already experienced. I wouldn’t want to recommend spending money on something that turned out to be a waste.

Luckily, I can say the exact OPPOSITE of that about Stretch 4 Vets. My friend who is an avid CorePower member highly recommended this after attending last year.


There are few things so quintessentially San Diego as getting to do yoga atop the Midway. It was exciting to celebrate the active life style of our city, support a great cause, and acknowledge our military community all at once.


The class wasn’t very challenging (similar to their level 1), but a lot of fun! They had us dancing and doing a few fun stretches. (You might have seen some on my instagram stories) I would suggest getting there early to claim a great spot, but also because they had Starbucks, water, Perfect Bars, and Corepower gifts available! Oh and did I mention burritos from Snooze afterwards?!? YUM!

Try it if: you’ve never been on the USS Midway (I hadn’t!), you are looking to support a great cause, already love CorePower classes

Don’t try it if: you’ve never tried yoga (and are looking for instruction), you don’t like to get up early on Sunday, you don’t like heights/outdoor yoga


Please check out their website for additional info on this great organization!

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