Reviews of the good, the bad, and the sweaty workouts in San Diego

Fast as F***@ Glide Training Co., Little Italy

Date: Monday, 6:00 pm

Teacher: Josh

Cost: $$–$25 drop-in

Length: 30-45 minutes (as fast as you can!)

Sweat level: 5/5

Fun level: 4/5

What I wore: 3/4 spandex, high impact sports bra, tank top, sneakers

# of people in the class: 1


  • Towels provided
  • Parking in the courtyard next door
  • Dog friendly!


Once again, I judge books by their covers and am immediately riveted by fun class names. Why call something Bootcamp if you can call it Fast As F***? Even though that is essentially what it was, I appreciate the spirit in getting creative!


Glide Training Co. keep their classes very small, which is great or terrible depending on how you look at it. I got a lot of personalized attention and motivation, but there is DEFINITELY no hiding here. For people that like to blend into the back of the group at the park, this is not for you. After a warm up to get my heart rate up, I basically worked for 30 minutes (incredibly hard) to do a circuit as many times as possible.

For example, we did the following:

200 x jump ropes

40 x Kettlebell swings (different variations)

20 x BOSU burpies

25 x Squat Rows with TRX

20 x cork screw leg lifts

20x box step overs

Throughout I really felt like I was getting strong coaching. Often if there aren’t many students in the class, the teacher will kick back a bit and dial it in. At Glide this definitely wasn’t the case. I pushed myself pretty hard all 30 minutes. Obviously my speed slowed a bit over time, but we got in over three repetitions. Afterwards, Josh led me in some stretching which really helped. I will say I was still incredibly sore the next day! This is a great workout if you have limited time and want to spike up your heart rate a bit!

Try this if: you want to work out in a small group, you want something cardio/weight intensive, you have a tight schedule and need a short workout

Don’t try this if: you are looking for a lot of amenities, you like to work out with a bigger group, you are looking to park there during work hours


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